Topology of the Limpopo Province

The closest town to the east of our base camp is known as "Thabazimbi". Directly translated, Thaba means "mountain", and zimbi means "iron", to form the meaning: "Mountain of Iron".

Thabazimbi is in the heart of the north western part of the Limpopo Province. This region is well known for large Kudu. Acacia trees abound and more notably the yellow hook thorn, the "wait-a-bit-bush", Buffalo thorn and the sickle bush.

In a westerly direction ,the area becomes decidedly flat. During summer time (October - April), when most of our rainfall occurs, the bush seems impenetrable with tall grass and deep green leaves on all the trees. The foliage quickly wears down during winter when the animals start feeding on every last morsel of food that the bush pantry can spare.

Where the lonely call of the jackal at night, the excited cackle of the francolin at day break and the beckoning call of the wild have become the owners of our hearts, this is where we want to be and it would be our honour to share some of this bush magic with you.


Some quick facts
South Africa is one of 54 African countries
South Africa is about the size of Texas
We have a total population of about 44,6 million citizens
We have 11 official languages
There are nine provinces (States)
Our currency is the Rand (100 cents = R 1-00)
The altitude at base camp is: 2920 Feet above sea level
We as a country are bordered by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland. When hunting with us, you will be exposed to


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What to expect

Come out here with an open mind and experience first-hand what we as a hunting company can offer. You will be pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of everyone you meet.