Topology of the Free State

One of South Africa's major rivers, the Vaal, flows through a green and fertile valley lined with willow trees with its wealth of historical and cultural attractions, the Free State is not complete without following the renowned Highlands Route.

The Central Free State is often referred to as "The Golden Country". Fields of corn and golden sunflowers embellish the landscape, and the gold deposits beneath the ground are a source of great wealth.

The eastern highlands are a delight throughout the year. In spring, the cool, sparkling air is filled with fragrance. Summer is a time of ripening harvests and the pleasures of the great outdoors. Autumn turns the leaves to gold, and snow shrouds the mountains in winter. The earth erupted in a fiery fountain depositing layers of lava and so the mighty Maluti and Drakensberg Mountains were formed. The mountains invite you to climb.

You will discover an unsurpassed beauty where God's tools of wind, water and fire have chiselled a landscape. The hills and mountains stand like sentries, as if to protect the inhabitants. South Africa's largest river, the Orange, rises in Lesotho's Maluti Mountains and meanders all the way to the Atlantic ocean.

From Harrismith to Fouriesburg with the beauty of Sterkfontein Dam, QwaQwa, Kestell, Golden Gate, Clarens and Bethlehem in between, you will discover hidden treasures.

"The Free State landscape gladdens my heart, no matter what my mood. When I am here I feel that nothing can shut me in that my thoughts can roam as far as the horizons." - Nelson Mandela