Important Information

1.   Packaging: due to legislation by US customs, you can only have trophies shipped in a crate to your final destination. You may no longer
      have your hunting companions trophies shipped with yours to save shipping costs.

2.   Trophies must remain in South Africa for a minimum of 90 days before shipping.

3.   Warthog trophies can cause a delay shipping due to the issuing of veterinary permits, please bear with us.

4.   Shipping costs can only be finalized when trophies are ready to be exported and all legal documentation has been issued.

5.   Payment of deposit is required to ensure preparation of trophies.

6.   No raw rodents may be exported.

7.   Warthogs must be packed in a separate crate.

8.   Raw and processed products may be shipped together.

Raw Preparation

Pricelist for Dipping 2013



Per group




Bleach and cleaning


Back Skin/

Flat skin/ Full Cape

Steinbuck, Duiker, Suni, Grysbuck, Klipspringer, Red Duiker, Blue Duiker/Dik-Dik



Oribi, Mountain reedbuck, Grey Rhebok, , Springbuck


Impala, Bushbuck, Common Reedbuck, Blesbuck



Nyala,, Tsessebe,




Roan, Sable, Eland, Kudu,

Wildebeest Hartebeest, Waterbuck



Cape Buffalo, Giraffe,



Rhino, Hippo




$100.00 (Skull & Tusks)

$100.00 (Skull, Tusks, Cape)


$100.00 (Cites)



$100.00 (Flatskin, Cape, Backskin & skull)

Lion, Leopard, Cheetah

$100.00 (Cites)

Caracal, Jackal, Fox, Otter


Mongoose, Genet, Springhare




Documentation Fee



25% of the total of Dipping fee and documentation fee.




Collection of Trophies

Swift Dip will collect your trophies within the week of your safari completion with Ngwarati Safaris Africa.

On collection of your trophies, Swift Dip and Ngwarati will ensure your trophies are all in good order, tagged correctly, recorded and all the necessary documentation is correct.

The documents will be forwarded to the shipping company (Safari Cargo Systems) and sent to Nature Conservation for approval, once approved you are issued an export permit for your trophies. Swift Dip will also apply for a veterinary certificate which is also required for shipping. 


Processing of Trophies

Checking and Tagging of trophies

On arrival at Swift Dips processing facility, all trophies will be re-checked according to the necessary documentation. The trophies are then be simultaneously re-tagged with an unbreakable aluminium tag on which your unique client number is crafted. Each horn, hide, skull, hoof, bone or any part that will be exported, receives an aluminium tag with your number. This ensures that your trophies do not get mixed up with others.


Skull and Horns Process

Your trophies will be subjected to a natural drying process after which they are boiled for a period of 25 minutes. The skulls are then placed into a solution (50% hydrogen peroxide) to ensure all bacteria is killed and the skulls are clean and white. Your trophies are then sun-dried.

Skin Process

All skins are dipped in a pickled bath for a minimum period of 24 hours. This is rid the skins of all bacteria and any living organisms, after this process we put the skins in a sodium bicarbonate solution to neutralize the acids. The skins then get salted, dried and folded and stored in an approved veterinary storage facility.  

The above mentioned processes are approved of by the South African Veterinary Services (Department of Agriculture).

 Crating and Packing

Once your trophies are completely dry Swift Dip will build a custom crate for each client. With Sturdy wood that meets all requirements to ensure that your trophies do not get damaged during shipping. Extreme care is taken throughout the packing process, all trophies, skulls and horns are wrapped in bubble plastic with naphthalene, all crates are lined inside with plastic tubing and crates are sealed with indicated security screws to ensure that the trophies are delivered in perfect condition. Once your trophies are crated Swift Dip will notify the shipping company and they will be collected.

The shipping company will notify you for any further details.  

Please have a look at Swift Dip's website for further information.

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