Al Houston - San Antonio

Always being here is the best of the best!!! See you at Stonewall next year

Jock Sulik & Christy

Thank you Deon, Gigi and crew for perhaps the Best vacation I've ever had! The food, friendships, locale and weather - nevermind the hunting was and will be a life-long memory. Thank you for all your efforts, it's been wonderful.

John Amthor & Marilyn Bramblett

Deon, Gigi, Coert, Callie and staff – Thank you for another wonderful trip to South Africa. As perfect as the last time. Looking forward to the next one.

Greg Sturgeon - KS

This hunt was everything I hoped for and more. Thank you so much, and I will be back!

Lisa Tanking & Don budd - KS

Thanks for the wonderful hunt! Everyone was so friendly.

Rocky & Dian Cooper - TX

Love Everything! Thank you

Brian & Shannon Kirkpatrick - CO

Many, many thanks! We had the greatest time and look forward to coming back.

Chris & Wally Nattinger - MO & Jeff Lamberti - KS

Dear Deon, Gigi and Staff, please accept our sincere appreciation for an excellent experience. Our PH's, Drivers, Camp Staff, Food, Friendships were indeed wonderful! Many, many thanks. "Come visit us in the USA"

Bill Freeman - Ft Myers Florida

Deon & Gigi, Thanks for a fantastic hunt & incredible food & Friends. Wonderful accommodations. Had a blast!

Aaron & Kevan Fouts - Ft Myers, Florida

Thank you for everything. It was 5 star all the way.

Gerard Helscher - Keota, Iowa

This was absolutely an exceptional hunt. The accommodations and hospitality were fantastic. The memories of South Africa will always be with me especially as I flip through my photo album.

Marc Miller - Bettendorf, Iowa

I'd like to express my thanks at the fantastic trip and hunt we had.  It was truly first class and exceeded all our expectations.  The lodging and accommodations were great.  I gained 4.5 lbs on Gigi's super meals.  We appreciate all the assistance you provided in planning the trip, animal selection, and the camaraderie during the hunt.  You have a super team of people assembled that more than met our needs.  We could not have asked for more.

 Andrea & Tim Kaufmann - St. Louis, MO

Thank you for the wonderful memories & hospitality on our Safari in Africa. We made memories that will last a lifetime. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Josh & Sarah Hager - St. Louis, MO

Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality on our first trip to South Africa! Your camp is beautiful & comfortable & so enjoyable. Food is incredible & so plenteous! We look forward to seeing you in Saint Louis and hopefully having you in our home!

Paul Kapr - Fresh Fire Ministries

This experience has been a lifelong dream of mine. Thanks for your excellence, kindness, and glorious operation. This is one of the greatest places I've ever been. May the Lords fare shine upon you and His Grace keep you.

John Macgirvin - Fresh Fire Ministries

Deon, you and your team delivered well beyond our hopes, your caring and kindness was over the top. Our whole team has been blessed. May our Father in Heaven continue to smile upon you. Thanks so much.

Mike Josephson

I brought my family to show them why I love coming to Africa. What a great place this is. The camp at Ngwarati is beautiful, the animals were plentiful, and the staff is exceptional. Deon & Gigi were wonderful hosts. With 3 hunters and 5 observers we were a challenge, but everyone at Ngwarati was up to the task. Everyone wants to come back - and have me pay for it again.

 Russel Aiki

I am so sad to be leaving but it was something I will never forget. You guys are great, Hunting was amazing. I will be back someday, I hope with my kids. Thanks for everything. 

Amanda & Jim Daniels

What an incredible experience! Thank you for your hospitality - even for the non-hunters in the group. We loved every minute and hope to return again someday.

 Mike & Eunice Josephson

Wow! We had a trip of a life time, wonderful experience! Great people, Great Hunts, Great food! Thank you

 Alan & Julie Josephson

Thanks for being such wonderful hosts. You delivered an amazing experience to a challenging group. The animals were amazing and plentiful and even for a non-hunter, the experience was one in a lifetime. What a wonderful trip!

Don Holt

Deon great hunt! Gigi great food and hospitality. Of 11 hunts in Africa this one ---- at the top. Thanks to all your staff. I look forward to my next trip. We will then be hunting properties J Love you all. Deon, thanks for the magnificent Lion!! # 6  SCI "yes"

Rick Ohs

Folks, Great, great time - you have made this a memorable trip of a lifetime. Everything is so well thought out - and we are treated like royalty.  Thank you, very best regards.

Dale Deckley

This is the experience of a lifetime. The hunting is fantastic. The hospitality is incredible and the food is great. Life doesn't get any better. Thank you.

Eric Hollensbe

Deon, thank you for an incredible time in South Africa. All four of us had an experience of a lifetime. We will be back and after telling our friends about the trip, I am sure that more will come in the near future. Thank you again for everything. Next time you are in Saint Louis, give me a call and we can all go to dinner at the Racquet Club.

Powell Kalish

Deon & Gigi, Thank you very much for an amazing adventure last week; one that the four of us will always remember. From watching Eric have to use four shots to take down a little Blesbok (and Impala and Zebra) to the absolutely delicious meals everyday to the stories around the fire, we had a great time. You two run a class-A operation.

Alex McMullin

We made it home safely and are now back to the reality of our live...bummer. We have all been recounting the amazing time we had on the trip to our friends, families, and co-workers. I think Tim and Andrea are very excited and I am going to their house for dinner next week to fill them in on more details. I can't thank you and Gigi enough for showing us such a great time; we felt like Kings while we were there. You run a great operation and look forward to getting back there in the near future.

 Doc Larry Gurian

Wow! Another phenomenal hunt with Deon and his Staff, Gigi Theo, Jason, and Zane. An Amazing trophy Elephant (72 lb.) and a huge "Blue Bull" Eland. Fishing on the Zambezi, Game Parks, and lots of great pictures. As always, the accommodations, food, and service were excellent. Thank you for another wonderful experience!

Lorne & Peggy Hammer

Deon & Gigi. Thank you so much for the hospitality, the great company and for making new friendships. The hunting was more than we expected and filled both Peggy's and my dreams. Now I just need to come back to get the Leopard. We can't say enough thanks for the time at Kruger with you. Having both of you with us made it a very special memory. Remember that you are always welcome in Calgary and we sure hope to see you this winter. I'll talk to the big guy to make sure it warms up to -20ºC for you Deon.

Hugh Mascarenhas

Thank you for the excellent hospitality and courtesy extended to me during my stay at your camp. As you know, my mission was to observe, experience, take pictures and report to the large number of family members and acquaintances waiting in the sidelines to visit South Africa. Africa is still an unknown entity to most Indians. Africa is the new rising star. I wish you all the best and every success in your endeavours! Best personal regards, Hugh

Rizwan Ashraf

I am writing this note to thank you for the wonderful time that I had at your place. Time spent & all the events remain fresh in my memory, which I am sharing with my family & friends. My wife & daughter are excited to see the photographs and have started to imagine a holiday next year in Thabazimbi.

Michelle Bingham

What a wonderful experience for my first trip to Africa, this has been a wonderful 7 days. The memories that I have made is even better. Thank you to everyone who made this trip an experience of a lifetime. Your hospitality was unforgettable. Nothing compares to my last 30 minutes of hunting. Thank you.

Ann Underwood

I had a wonderful time and hope to come back soon. To Deon, Gigi & Callie, my thanks.

Jim Underwood

Deon, Gigi & Callie, Thanks for a wonderful trip. We will have great stories & Pictures to tell and show all. We truly enjoyed the hospitality, fellowship and fun. Hunting was great, food was terrific, accommodations were outstanding. We feel like you are all lifetime friends. Thanks for everything. Deon, we will see you in January. Gigi & Callie we will see you next year.

Broc Simoneau

Thank you for an incredible adventure. I cant express enough my appreciation for everything that was done for my parents and I. Deon it was a pleasure to hunt with such an incredible man - Gigi and Callie the food was awesome and I am going home to the cold a few pounds up! Thank you again.

Greg & Debby Simoneau

This is all we expected...and more! I can't begin to tell the stories from our trip - no one will believe them. Thank-you Deon, for an incredible 2 weeks. Gigi, I've enjoyed our visits and plan to have many more. We need to trade recipes. Callie, thanks for keeping the cat's away... and good luck sorting thru all the pictures. We will be back...if not for the hunting then for the food and if not for the food then for Deon's laugh. Thanks again and we'd love to have you come to Canada, eh?

Taylor Wisman

Thank you all for such a great experience. Not just hunting-wise but as a whole. It was great getting to know you as a person and not just as a guide and that was awesome. The hunting was amazing so thank you for taking time to take us around hunting and fishing. It all was a great experience where I learned a whole lot as well.

I would definitely like to come back in future years so hopefully we can stay in touch. Thank you again!

Foster Wisman

What a great way to start my big game hunting journey. I had so much fun hunting here and I plan to come back when I get enough money. I see, Deon, why you have 65 clients this year, its because you give your clients such a good time that they want to come back over and over again like I do. Thanks for the amazing experience!

Janice & Steven Wisman

What an extremely wonderful, eye opening experience to come and visit and hunt and "hang" in South Africa with such entertaining hosts. It is a time we will all cherish for years to come.  Thanks!

Larry (Gramps) Wisman

Deon, Gigi, Tavi, Callie & Beery, Thank you for showing my family (Above Nuts) such a fantastic experience. Of course I know you would, due to past hunting. Thank you, friends!

Troy Albright

It has been a blessing getting to hunt in South Africa with such wonderful people who care so much about what they are doing!  The experience far exceeded what I expected.  Keep doing what you are doing the blessings will continue to come.  Thanks!

Shane Bisson

Thirteen animals in 7 days "Wow"! This has been a life long dream come true - My first Safari in Africa has far exceeded my expectations.  Deon and Tavi have just exceeded my view of what a PH is! Ngwarati was just perfect...I shot Impala, Kudu, Zebra and Eland all in 1 x 3hr Hunt!! (Now that was a good day!) Thank you.

 Joyce Houston

Wonderful time - Thanks to Gigi, Great Food my pants are now Tight! Cannot wait to return - See you 2012

Morgan Conn

Howdy from Texas, Great Time! Saw lots and lots of animals, Beautiful grounds. Just a perfect place to relax, Hunt and enjoy Life.

Eddie Dudley - Katy Texas USA

I want to thank everyone at Ngwarati Safaris Africa for the wonderful experience of hunting Africa. This trip for me was a gift from my wife and children for my 60th birthday, and a "bucket list" goal. What it turned into was a wonderful adventure, and the people, and experience I had in Africa made memories I will cherish for a life-time.  

When you identify important goals and they become this type of experience - you realize - "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals"

I would highly recommend Ngwarati Safaris Africa for anyone wanting to experience Africa - either for a hunting experience, or if you are looking at sight Safaris. Their expertise on every level is as good as it gets. I experienced outstanding accommodations and outstanding food. I experienced outstanding photographing with their in house photographer. And I experienced outstanding guide service, where I felt safe in the bush because of the professional expertise of my guide and tracker. And in the end I took World Class game.

Once again - Thank you Ngwarati for this wonderful experience. I came home feeling a bond was created with not only the friends I made at Ngwarati but with Africa also. I am already looking forward to a future trip.

Mike Larsen

I must tell you that truly not a day goes by that I don't think about the time I spent with Ngwarati Safaris in South Africa. The experience you provided me with was absolutely incredible. You have given me vivid memories to last a lifetime. If you recall when I arrived my rifle and gear did not arrive with me. Thanks so much to you and your staff for taking care of me and making sure I had everything I needed to have a successful hunt. Thanks go out to Gigi for preparing me excellent, delicious meals that were catered to my food allergy. The animals were abundant and your guides were fantastic. Tavi worked extremely hard to ensure I had a successful and enjoyable hunt. Thank you so much again for all you did for me to create such a great experience. Can't wait to come hunt with you again!!!

Larry Gurian, Springfield, MO

Just finished my 3rd successful hunt with Ngwarati Safaris Africa. Once again Deon created a top notch safari experience with a great trophy (Leopard), great accommodations, the usual flawless organization and attention to detail. The hunt was exciting. Deon can find whatever first class trophy you are looking for. I would highly recommend Deon and Ngwarati Safaris Africa.


Tim Michael


I would like to thank you and Tavi for a wonderful safari. You run a top notch hunt. This hunt was a lot better than my last one, not saying my last one was bad, but you guys took it up to the next level. Out of a score from 1 to 10 for me it was a 12, Good job. Deon you have great staff working for you, everyone was very nice and helpful. Callie great job on all the food, I must have put on 10Lbs keep up the good work and don't stop making that wonderful bread.


Terry Holmstead


 My Brother and I hunted with Ngwarati Safaris last May.  It was an adventure that I will always remember and treasure.  The animals we hunted were far better than I had expected.  I had seen others at the taxidermist and in other people's homes. I was expecting similar results.  However we had exceptional success!  Our PH did his job well. Hunting hard and passing on several animals to get us animals that were far better than average.  I am very satisfied with the whole experience and would recommend this outfit to anyone!  My wife did notice the accommodations and was upset she did not go.  She said it looked like resorts we had stayed with in Hawaii.  I told here the service was even better.  If you have questions, feel free to call me anytime I would love to talk hunting some more!  (801) 706-5271

 Jim Underwood III & IV

An outstanding trip - Hope to come again! A lifelong wish fulfilled by Deon and his staff!


Greg Wolff


My hunt with Ngwarati Safaris was a truly phenomenal hunting experience. Never before had I seen so much game in such a short period of time. My guide Ernest was knowledgeable and hard working. I was fortunate enough to take several trophy animals. The hospitality of Deon, Gigi and their staff was exceptional and the cooking excellent. The lodging accommodations were top notch. I purposely stopped taking more game so I could justify a return to South Africa sooner. I am already looking forward to and planning my next trip!! Thanks again Deon and crew for a hunt I will never forget!!

 Eddie & Roulla Essa

From our first enquiring email to the minute we finished our Safari, Ngwarati Safaris was brilliant. We emailed lots with many questions to arranging our perfect safari. Our guides were extremely knowledgeable of the history, wildlife and statistics of the region and they took great care of us. The safari was organized without any problems; the staff were all really friendly.

The lodge was simply perfect. Simple, quiet, rustic with large comfortable rooms and great bathrooms. The food was way above expectations. From start to finish, it was a wonderful safari and we would recommend it to others.


Guy Tamburello

PJ and Frankie have not stopped talking about their experience since we got home.  I am very glad their first hunting experience in Africa was with Ngwarati Safaris. It really makes a huge difference when people are true professionals; it shows in everything they do.  Some people might shy away from sending two young boys to hunt un-chaperoned in Africa, but I can tell you sincerely that I would send my children again and again to hunt with your group, and would never have a fear that they would be safe and well cared for.  Your entire staff treated them to a truly once in a lifetime experience, and the entire staff should be commended for their professionalism.  Hope to see all of you again very soon.

Cliff Skaggs, St Augustine, FL

The hospitality was as I never expected. I have travelled the entire North America hunting, and this experience was a dream become reality. Thank you all for a fantastic adventure.

There is nothing I have done that has been so rewarding and without a doubt, no better friends than I have made with you guys during my safari. You and the staff will always be in my thoughts and dreams for the next safari to come.

Lloyd Ford JR, Desoto, MO

Great hunt & great time. Will come again with the kids to enjoy the friends and good times.

Melissa Ford, Desoto, MO


Wonderful hospitality & great company. Could not have asked for more. Alice says it all below. Truly enjoyed all aspects and look forward to the next time, I can't thank each and everyone of you enough. Now I will have a challenge when I get home, Lloyd will want everything pressed. Ha. God Bless, Cheers to all


Lloyd Ford SR & Alice Ford, Grand Rapids, MI

Spectacular food and great cooks, also great people to visit with. Lloyd says great hunting with Deon. He enjoyed it to the fullest. Thank you all!

Gary Schumate, Douglasville

You guys made me feel like family. The Gunny hunt was great. I will never forget this place, hopefully I will come again. Thanks for everything

John S Ralph lll, Olathe Kansas

The 'Gunny' hunt was out of this world! I have not seen this many large trophy animals taken and in such a short time! Thank you for everything and as usual, I had a blast!

Thomas B Briggs, MD

I have known Deon for several years. Deon is of the highest moral character. I have never ever seen him consider anything the slightest bit dishonest.  I can always trust anything he tells me. I have multiple record book animals for myself and my family. I have and will continue to trust my life and the lives of my family to his capable hands. I have hunted with Deon in several areas of South Africa, and Zimbabwe. He has access to good animals and good properties. He is respected in his industry; he always seems to know how to get things done. He is very experienced in dangerous game hunting, and I expect to complete my big 5 with him this fall. I will continue to hunt with Deon as long as I possibly can, and he receives my highest recommendations.

Gerald Loveland, MO

Very Good Hunt. Most animals I've ever seen. Thanks a lot.

Larry Clark, MO

Very good hunt. Great staff.

Kevin Clark, MO

Great hunt & great time, enjoyed every minute of it. The people & experience was awesome. Till next time.

Marilyn Bramblett, George West, TX


Wonderful food, fantastic company, absolutely awesome country. Thanks for a great trip.


John Amthor, George West, TX

It doesn't get any better. Great food, hunting, friends. Thanks.

Jock Sulik, TX

A wonderful all round 1st African experience! Thank you.

Al Houston, San Antonio, TX

Thanks: Just like old times. To more in the future.

 Larry Brooks, Aylett, VA

Thanks for everything, was far more than I expected.

Nicholas Mills, Hanover, VA

Thank you for everything! Could not have been better.

David Batot, Harlingen, TX

What an adventure, everything first cabin. PH's the best. Enjoyed everything.

Cody Phillips, Harlingen, TX

Had a wonderful time! Can't wait to come back! Thanks for everything!

Adam Batot, Lubbock, TX

Thanks for everything!! Great trip & great animals! Great PH's.

Daniel Batot, Richmond, TX

Had a great time all the way through. Great PH's and staff. Hope to return soon.

Frank Giacalone, Magnolia, TX

Second visit even better than the first.

Mike Miller, MO


Fantastic service and attention to detail! Excellent hunting & food.


Joshua Register, Garnett, KS

Fantastic people & service. The best hunt I have ever experienced!

David Campbell, Pleasanton, KS

First rate accommodations, great food, the staff is excellent. Hunt was wonderful.

Michael Woods, MD. St. Petersburg

One of the top experiences of my life! Service was fantastic! I plan to return again.

Kelly Bingham


Hunting with Ngwarati Safaris Africa is a way to make sure you never hunt with anyone else in the future. Deon works very hard to make sure you have the hunting trip of a lifetime, along with their staff they make your stay world class and comfortable.


Mark Weston, Afton,WY


As a professional guide myself, I was very impressed with Deon's abilities as a Professional Hunter. He could field judge trophies extremely well, could track game, build blinds and always conduct himself in a professional manner. My whole experience was exceptional and I would have no reservations in recommending Deon as a Professional Hunter.

 Jim & Melony Roche

I want to thank you so much for the incredible adventure and for making my wife Melony's first safari so special. We were really impressed with your hospitality and attention to detail. The quality of our trophies we harvested with your guidance was excellent. Your ability to quickly evaluate each animal left me speechless, Deon is everything you look for in a PH seasoned, savvy and a great sense of humour. The real deal and a joy to spend time with. Your friends

 Scott & Susan Nelson

When meeting Deon on our arrival we knew we where in good hands and that our safari was going to be and adventure. Deon's dedication contributes to a memorable safari.


John Dick

Deon's knowledge, equipment, tracking skills, skinning, helpfulness, areas of hunting, quality, service, food and accommodation, all get a 10/10.

 Maxine & John Kenney Boerne, TX

 John and I have had a wonderful time! Our first African adventure! Thank you for our pictures, the time at the lodge, the generosity, the fantastic cooking, the Elephant ride and everything else! Thank you, Thank you. Maxine and John.